Windows Mobile 6.5 getting OTA Firmware updates, getting better and better



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Windows Mobile 6.5 has initially received a lot of stick for just being a minor cosmetic update, but as we have learned more over the last few months it has become a more and more compelling software update.

Today WMPoweruser has one more bit of news which is likely to be a significant source of rejoice in the community.  According to our tipster Microsoft is currently testing Over the Air firmware updates for Windows Mobile 6.5, meaning you can update your ROM without ever coming close to a desktop.  In theory, like on a Nokia smartphone, your settings and applications will be preserved, meaning there is no lengthy period of reloading all your applications and data again.

The updates can also be pushed, meaning hopefully we will have a much larger proportion of the Windows Mobile community on the latest software.

Whether this facility, like the built-in Windows Update function will remain un-used remains to be seen, but it is clear that a lot more vigour, prompted by intense competition, has returned to the Windows Mobile team, so here at we continue to have  high hopes.

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