Windows Mobile 6.5.1 Builds and ROM’s


25, 2009

Author WenWP // in hack

Windows Mobile 6.5 has been released recently. The release build is one of the old builds that Microsoft choice to release because they are currently working on the update builds, the one that XDA has had for a while now and they are countless Builds out there.  The most Recent version is 23081 and most ROM chef’s have made there changes to it and put out a new ROM. Lets take a look at 4 Phones that all have 23071 or 23081 ROM’s out there and there Download links.

The HTC HD- There many different ROM’s for this phone but ill go with the most popular ROM.

Energy ROM 6.5-These line of ROM’s has been going for a long time and the Chef NRGZ28 has perfected his ROM and the latest is 23071 and i have it running on my HTC HD and i do recommend it to any HD owners.

EnergyROM Leo 23016/23071-

The HTC TOUCH PRO 2-These is also a very popular phone with many different ROM’s for it. If you would like to have your pro up to date and have it look great, you should think about going with Energy ROM also, because it is a mix of everything good like stability, good battery life and looks great.

Energy ROM Leo-

The LG Incite- These phone isnt as popular as the Touch pro2 or the HD but they do have several ROM’s going for it. They Two are either Going with Darks ROM or Double-R’s ROM. From what i heard Darks is better, faster and is more stability.

Darks WM6.5.1-;topicseen

The Xperia X1-Energy ROM takes the Cake again for the 3rd Time. Don’t really have much to say but he is just really good at ROM’s.

Energy ROM 3.0-


Remember flashing your ROM usually invalidates your warranty and can result in a completely unrecoverable device
Please only flash at your own risk.

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