It has been a while since we looked at Steam’s Hardware Survey numbers, but the April 2019 data is out, and it brings further good news for Windows Mixed Reality users.

According to Steam’s data, gathered from those who use their portal to access their collection of SteamVR apps, Windows Mixed Reality headsets now hold 11.07% of the installed base, up 0.5% from last month.

Surprisingly this month we also see a resurgence of the HTC Vive, which is up 1.5%, at the expense of Oculus Rift, which is down 2%.

It should be noted that Steam’s numbers are an indirect measure, and if headset users instead use their native portals and games these numbers would fluctuate accordingly. This effect may be very significant, meaning we should take these numbers with a large pinch of salt.

See last month’s numbers here.