Windows 10: Windows Maps and Windows Alarms & Clock apps gets updated


Microsoft has just released a new update for the Windows Maps and Windows Alarms & Clock for Windows 10 (PC, and Mobile). The latest update for these apps doesn’t seem to bring any major changes, and we suspect that it only packs under the hoods improvements – such as bug fixes and performance improvements. It’s also likely that the latest update introduces some improvements for these apps for Build 10512, which was released last week.

For those wondering, the latest version of the Windows Alarms & Clock app is 10.1508.17010.0 while the latest version of the Windows Maps is 4.1507.50813.0.

To get the latest update for both of these apps, just head over to the Store app and navigate to the Downloads section – after that, check for updates to get the latest updates. Keep in mind that if you’ve automatic updates enabled, you may already have the latest updates.

If you’ve noticed any new features or improvements, make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for the tip, Aaakash S.