Windows Live Developer Platform Updated With OAuth 2.0 Support And More

Windows Live team today announced their upcoming update for their Windows Live Developer Platform.

Messenger Connect will support more modern protocol and tighter integrations with various services,

Messenger Connect is now evolving to provide:

OAuth 2.0, the modern web authorization standard
•We now support OAuth 2.0, making it easier to integrate Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive using a standard authentication protocol used by other web platforms like Facebook and Google across the web.
Single sign-on and new Hotmail Calendar access
•Single sign-on: When users have already signed in with their Windows Live ID from Hotmail, SkyDrive,, or elsewhere, they won’t have to re-enter their credentials when they come to your site.
•Hotmail Calendar: Applications can now programmatically insert appointments into the user’s calendar. Improved user experience on the desktop and mobile web
•We’ve revamped the way users give access to applications by being more explicit about each permission the user is granting, which puts users in more control of their data. We also now provide multiple versions of this authentication dialog, including a touch-friendly version for smartphones.
Easier to program against
•We’ve simplified our REST-based API by focusing on JSON data formats.
•At the same time, we’ve decreased the average size of the response you receive back from the service in order to speed up performance and decrease bandwidth requirements.
•We’ve also redesigned our JavaScript library to require fewer lines of code to get common tasks accomplished.
Friendlier documentation with more examples
•Based on feedback from developers, we’ve revamped our documentation to be more scenario-focused.
OAuth 2.0, the modern web authorization standard
OAuth is an authorization protocol that allows users to give one service or application access to their data hosted by another service or application without sharing their username and password between the two. The previous version of Messenger Connect used OAuth WRAP, an earlier incarnation of OAuth 2.0. With the new release of Messenger Connect, we support draft 16 of the OAuth 2.0 specification which is an IETF standards track specification used by a growing number of platforms across the web, such as Facebook, Salesforce, and Google.

Microsoft have also added support to programmatically add calender events in Hotmail and improved the logon expereinces in desktop and mobile. For more details on messenger connect and Windows Live SDK visit this blog.

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