Windows Insiders have become a sizable minority

Windows Insider Program is a great way to connect to the brains that develop and maintain the world’s most popular desktop operating system, Windows 10. The Insider Program as we know today was launched way back in 2014 and it allows Microsoft to fix issues quickly based on users feedback. It, however, was believed that the number of Windows Insiders are incredibly small. The Head of the Windows Insider Program Dona Sarkar confirmed that it’s untrue.

Windows Insiders are now a sizable minority. In her Twitter handle, Dona wrote that there are currently 16.5 million Windows Insiders. She tweeted,

It’s always a fun convo when someone asks me “How many managers have you had at MS?”

Me: 16.5 M Insiders and about 10 engineering managers

Her tweet, however, can’t be used as a reference to the claim that there are 16.5 million Windows Insiders as she clearly didn’t say “Windows Insiders.” Now, whether this was done on purpose or not that only Dona can answer. Either way, 16.5 million is still a big number even if you concatenate Office Insiders.

Via: Dona Sarkar

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