Windows Insiders may soon be able to reinstall Windows from the Cloud



Author Atiya // in News

WalkingCat has reported on an upcoming Insider Build, that may soon give users the option to reinstall Windows 10 using data from the cloud.

The BootUX (User Experience) is the menu that can be started before the actual Windows system starts up.  Widely known as the “advanced boot options”, here you can start Windows in safe mode or make a Windows repair.

The features are likely intended for Windows Core OS, where users will have very little ability to configure the OS;’ but may also be available for the full version of Windows 10.

While the scope of this development is not known yet, such a move would go further to turning Windows into an operating system suitable for appliances; hopefully broadening the number of applications that the operating system is useful for, and making it competitive with more dominant mobile operating systems.

Source: drwindows

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