Windows in the Car not completely dead yet


15, 2015

Microsoft has been promising some kind of Windows Phone car integration for some years, and their Sync product enjoyed a few years of success until supplanted recently by products by Apple, Google and Blackberry.

The initiative is not completely dead yet however, as we found when we wrote about Windows 10 and Mirrorlink in June this year.

Now the Taipei Times reports that Microsoft Corp is looking for Taiwanese partners as part of its plans to develop “connected cars” that recognize voice commands.

Samuel Shen, chief operating officer at the Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group, said Microsoft has developed a prototype of a connected car using the “Cortana” voice-recognition virtual assistant of the Windows 10 operating system.

The Cortana-connected prototype also projects data on the windscreen of the car, allowing the virtual assistant to show the location of the driver’s nearby preferred locations or make restaurant reservations, he said.

“We have not launched similar products due to the high cost, but we hope to have further discussions with Taiwanese partners to jointly explore future possibilities,” Shen said during his opening keynote speech at the TechDays Taiwan developer conference in Taipei.

The idea appears somewhat ambitious, and Shen did not announce any partners or time-line. It seems while Microsoft’s Connected Car effort continues to tick over, it may never get the rolling start it needs.

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