Windows Home Server “Vail” app for Windows phone 7 coming out in 1H of next year

For those not acquainted with Windows Home Server code named “Vail”, Paul Thurrott has a post that covers all  the bases. In addition to offering great backup services for computers in the home, the software now provides not only local streaming of media but also remotely over the internet essentially giving you your very own, “Sling player” albeit without the live stuff but cool nevertheless. During a WHS  session of the just concluded TechEd conference Europe 2010, Michael Leworthy,  a senior product manager with Microsoft, gave a walk through of the latest preview version. Watch from minute mark 31:30 where the cool stuff begins . There is secure remote access and full control of your computers at home in addition to the media streaming capabilities and complete access to your files!

Get Microsoft Silverlight

The OS is DLNA compliant allowing media files to be streamed to other DLNA compatible devices that don’t have to be necessarily Windows based. The media streaming capabilities utilize IIS smooth streaming that is capable of up to HD video playback depending on the bandwidth and file. The whole media experience is built using Silverlight and the music player mimics the Zune player. Microsoft has also expanded add-on capabilities to the OS that will enable users to get new features not available in the native OS from 3rd party vendors. The only bummer, maybe two, include the non support of Microsoft Security Essentials and the lack of TV tuner and Windows Media Center support  for this version. I hope they will be able to add the TV tuner and MCE support via a service pack down the road because as Mr. Leworthy points out, they are the number one feature request. The WP7 app for Windows Home Server is set to be demoed in January at CES 2011.