Windows Developers can now release their apps for the Xbox One


Earlier this month, Microsoft released the Xbox One Summer Update. With the update, Microsoft merged the Xbox and Windows Stores, bringing the Universal Windows Platform to the Xbox One. At the initial launch, Microsoft partnered with some companies to bring their Universal Windows Apps to the Xbox One. And now, all developers can release their Universal Windows Apps for the Xbox One. If you build apps that run on the Universal Windows Platform, you’ll now be able to release the same app for Xbox One users just by selecting the “Windows 10 Xbox” checkbox while submitting new packages for your app on the Windows Developer Centre:


You should be able to bring your existing Windows 10 PC app to the Xbox One, but if you would like to offer a better experience for Xbox One users, you’ll also be able to do that — just like how you can offer different experiences on PCs and Mobile devices.

However, if you are a game developer working on the Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft will require a concept approval for your game if you plan on releasing it to the Xbox One. This is mainly for quality control┬ásince Microsoft doesn’t want its customers to face problems after downloading a poor game from the Windows Store. Therefore, developers will be required to join the [email protected] Program which will allow them to go through the concept approval process. Microsoft states:

When you begin creating a game that will run on Xbox, you will need to submit a proposal concerning that game to Microsoft for concept approval before you can publish it. This up-front, high-level submission benefits both Microsoft and you by identifying at the very beginning of the process any likely difficulties or drawbacks in the overall plan for the game. Try to make sure that your content isn’t overly vulgar, offensive, or objectionable, and that it feels at home on the target platform. Once you submit your proposal, Microsoft will review it and then notify you of the result.

This is definitely quite huge for the Xbox One, as it’ll be bringing loads of new apps to the platform. We’ll be bringing our own Windows 10 app to the Xbox One pretty soon, so keep an eye out for that too. In the meantime, let us know if you are looking forward to Universal Windows Apps on the Xbox One in the comment section below.

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