Windows Core OS appears on the Geekbench site for the second time


27, 2019

The much-anticipated WCOS, short for Windows Core OS is currently being prepared for “next-gen” Microsoft devices, which include the Surface Hub, HoloLens and the upcoming dual-screen foldable devices.

Rumor has it that that Microsoft is going to talk about its upcoming dual-screen foldable device, Centaurus at the upcoming October 2 event. Windows Core OS running on a virtual machine was spotted on Geekbench site a few days ago, giving a buttress to the rumor.

Now, WCOS has made it to the Geekbench site for the second. This time around, however, the Geekbench listing gives us some additional pieces of information. This time, running the WCOS is an unknown five-core Intel processor. According to Twitter user InstLatX64, the processor could be Intel’s Lakefield, a 10nm processor that is based on hybrid processor design.

For those unaware, Intel’s Lakefield is designed to fit in smaller devices. Aside from space-saving, the processor also focusses on power and efficiency. Intel claims that devices with Lakefield will have a battery life of up to 25 hours on a single charge. Long story short, the Lakefield is Intel’s answer to Qualcomm’s 8cx processor.

The latest Geekbench listing is also a solid hint that the Lakefield is going to power the dual-screen foldable device, Centaurus.

via WindowsArea

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