Windows Calculator and Alarms & Clock snag minor updates for Windows 10


More Windows 10 apps for Windows Insiders have been updated tonight. Microsoft has released some new updates for Windows Calculator and Windows Alarms & Clock. Just like most of the recent updates, the latest update for Alarms and Clock and Calculator doesn’t include any new features. As per usual though, the update probably includes some minor tweaks and bug fixes. And in case you notice any new features, make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

Calculator app features:

  • Standard calculator for all the basics
  • Powerful scientific calculator
  • Base conversions in programmer mode
  • Memory for storing and re-using numbers
  • Calculation history
  • Conversion between units
  • New, smaller size
  • Open it in multiple windows at once

Alarms and Clock features:

  • Set alarms and reminders, including recurring alarms
  • Snooze or dismiss alarms from the lock screen
  • Hear alarms even when your device is on standby or muted
  • Personalise your alarms with a variety of sounds, including your own m4a files on your phone
  • Keep track of current, past and future times around the world, comparing times in multiple locations
  • Run several timers simultaneously
  • Use the stopwatch for laps and splits
Price: Free
Windows Alarm & Uhr
Windows Alarm & Uhr
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