Microsoft’s Windows App Studio team is working on a new ‘Beihai’ consumer app

January 5, 2016


There have been an influx of recent job posts on the Microsoft career site mentioning Beihai’, which happens to be the name of a city in China. Many speculated that Beihai was a codename for a new Microsoft game, but as it turns out, it’s likely going to be a consumer-focused app developed by the Windows App Studio team.

This team, led by Corporate Vice President Kudo Tsunoda, is supposed to build apps across all Microsoft devices that would bring together the company’s Windows inbox apps, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft HoloLens experiences, and other unannounced projects as described by Terry Myerson.

The Verge describes one job posting as saying:

plans for a new app as from the team “that created and will be shipping Skype for HoloLens.” The team is now focused on “building groundbreaking 3D experiences across all devices: phone, tablet, desktop and HoloLens,”

Other than that there’s not much more news on the subject other than the fact that the app is supposed to work on Hololens. Stay tuned for more updates as we learn more about the new groundbreaking consumer app.

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