Windows App Studio Now Includes The Much-Anticipated Twitter Data Source And Improved Instagram Data Source

Windows App Studio Twitter

Microsoft today released an update for Windows App Studio, which is being used by over 2.2 million users to quickly build apps for any phone, tablet, or PC running Windows 8.1. This new update includes the much-anticipated Twitter Data Source via OAuth integration and improved Instagram Data Source, allowing you to authenticate using the OAuth protocol adding new search capabilities.

  • With the new Twitter Data Source, simply use your Twitter access tokens provisioned from, which allows users of your App Studio app to see the tweets you configure without requiring that they have a Twitter account. You can configure the Data Source in three ways:
    1. Show your own user account timeline
    2. Show another user’s timeline
    3. Display a hashtag’s search results 
  • The entire Instagram process has also been revamped, to allow a connection with Instagram client apps.
    • By doing this, we are up to date with all of the standards that Instagram now requires for 3rd party tools who interact with their platform. This method also brings the flexibility to allow a User Feed display, as well as hashtag searches already available.

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