Windows App Studio July Update Includes Community-Driven API Gallery And More

Windows App Studio Gallery

Microsoft today announced July 2016 update for Windows App Studio. This release includes new features like community-driven API Gallery, custom API sharing, collections limit increase and favorites in pivot apps.

In the last update, Microsoft added a new data source for generic REST API support. With this release, Microsoft is including the API Gallery, a new data source that builds upon the REST API Data Source while decreasing the complexity of implementing a REST API.

The API Gallery aggregates and collects implementations of the REST API data source (now renamed to Custom API data source) that users want to share, and makes it easy for anyone to consume them. So let’s say you implement a API that lists events by region and type, and has links to purchase tickets. You can now implement the API in the Custom API data source; once it’s created, tested, and working, you can share that implementation with the community by submitting it to the API Gallery.

Read more about this release in the source link below.