Windows App Studio Beta Updated To Support Instagram Search, Microsoft Advertising And More

Microsoft today announced that they are celebrating the 1 million user mark on Windows Phone App Studio which was released 9 months back. App Studio allows people of all skill levels to create apps online for both Windows and Windows Phone. They are releasing the following new features including:

  • Instagram Search: You can now display Instagram photos by hashtag search. For example, are you creating an app for a conference? Just add the Instagram data source with the search term (e.g. #2015Conference)
  • Add Microsoft Advertising to earn money with your apps: On the Publish Info page, you’ll notice that you can enable the Microsoft Advertising client.  All you have to do is enter the Application ID and Ad Unit ID that you’ll get when you create a Windows or Windows Phone ad unit in Microsoft pubCenter.

There is also some guidance on using the Windows App Certification Kit. Read more about it here.