Windows 8-style Metro apps confirmed for Windows Phone 8


Its no surprise really, but mere confirmation that the Windows 8 Metro apps will be supported on Windows Phone 8. The news come via an October session at the SiliconValley Codecamp_12 hosted by Microsoft MVP Lino Taldros.

Microsoft has made it clear that current Silverlight and XNA apps will be supported in Windows Phone 8, but given how Silverlight is not supported in the Windows 8 Metro environment most feel that this is clearly not the future for developers in Windows Phone 8.

It would be interesting to see how close compatibility will be between Windows 8 applications and Windows Phone 8, but in all likelihood it will be a case of the same technology but having to redo the user interface.

Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows Phone 8 at a Developer summit in June, which should answer most of these questions.