Windows 8 Running On Microsoft Surface

Windows 8 on Microsoft Surface 1.0

Within 24 hours of Windows 8 Developer preview release, Josh Blake tried to install Windows 8 preview on first generation Surface from Microsoft. He did it successfully in less than 12 hours because Microsoft surface is actually based on Windows Vista, so a Windows machine in different form factor. Windows 8 worked fine on this table machine technically, but the UX won’t suit for Microsoft Surface. Here’s why from his blog,

Does Immersive mode make the Surface shell obsolete?

No way. It makes the Surface shell even more important. My initial impressions with actually using the Win8 immersive mode on Surface is that it really doesn’t work for a large, horizontal, multi-user form factor. For one, everything is oriented in one direction, and two, I need to reach too far to get to certain interface elements across the table. That’s the opposite of the ergonomic intent of the immersive mode, which was design for smaller screens and slates. It might do better on a vertical wall-mounted form factor. There is definitely a place here for both Immersive mode as well as the Surface shell since they are each designed to do different things in different scenarios. This is especially true if we account for the improved Surface shell that is coming soon with Surface 2.0 hardware.
I think we’ll see that there will is a large difference between the design of an immersive mode application to run on a Slate or PC and used by one person, and the design of Microsoft Surface applications to be used by multiple people in a 360 degree interface.

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