Windows 8 overtake Android web presence in less than 10 days


7, 2012


Microsoft has not released much Windows 8 sales figures, merely saying that they have sold 4 million Windows 8 upgrades in 3 days and tens of millions of licenses to businesses. There are however other places we can look to see how the OS is performing.

Statcounter has handy daily stats on web traffic from their thousands of sensor sites on the internet, and from there we can plot the above graph, which shows the web presence of Windows 8 has more than doubled since its release on the 26th October, and that its web presence has decisively overtaken that of Android 3 days ago.

While we know there are hundreds of million Android phones out there, the data clearly shows these phones are not being used for much more than phone calls and text messages, which developers should bear in mind when they are deciding which platform to support.

It should take less than a month for Windows 8 to overtake all of iOS’s web presence, which exposes the “Post-PC” propaganda for the lie it is – we still do the vast majority of our work and play on a PC, making the Windows 8 Store the biggest opportunity developers will be seeing for at least the next few years.

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