Windows 8 Business App developer says they are “doing GREAT with Windows 8”

Dev company Extended Results have decided to speak up and make it clear the Windows 8 store can be a lucrative outlet for developers

They said with their PUSHBI app for Windows 8, they are “doing GREAT” and have had over 2,500 downloads generating 15 to 20 new business leads a week . The app allows businesses to keep a close eye on key business metrics and with Snapped view support allows them to have a constant view even when doing something else.

They note that the game developer who complained of only making $83 from the store was making just another game. The Windows 8 store has crossed over 30,000 apps, but with millions of PCs already out there still represents a great opportunity for developers who answer a actual unsatisfied need.

Read more on the ExtendedResults blog here.