Windows 8 ARM Based Laptops To Arrive In June 2013


Windows 8 is expected to hit beta early next year followed by Windows on ARM tablets release in late 2012. Now there are reports from Digitimes that Windows 8 ARM based laptops will arrive only in mid-2013.

Since players such as Nvidia and Qualcomm have been enhancing their ARM-based processors’ power consumption and performance, if their processors can successfully pair up with Windows 8 and receive Windows software support, the WoA platform may soon be able to compete against Intel and AMD.

The ARM CPU players are already aggressively cooperating with notebook players such as Asustek Computer and Lenovo and are set to launch WoA-based notebooks to test the water in mid-2013 with expectations to see the platform take off in 2014 and further grab share from Wintel in 2015 to become the second platform of the notebook market.

It will be interesting to see the race between Windows 8 on ARM and Windows 8 on Intel in various fronts such as power efficiency, performance, etc,.

You can read more on this at Digitimes.