Windows 8 adoption increasing rapidly in Europe, Asia, slower in US

PC optimization software Soluto helps optimise computers for more than 3 million people in 182 countries, and along the way collect a lot of data about their users.

Their stats reveal that Windows 8 is rapidly replacing Windows 7 PCs at a rate higher than it may appear from the US market.

European nations such as Hungary and Portugal are adopting Windows 8 most quickly, with almost 9 percent adoption in Hungary and 5.29 percent in Portugal. China is also moving quickly, with more than 7 percent of Windows users already on Microsoft’s new operating system.

In US however users are upgrading a lot slower, with only 3.4% of users upgrading to Windows 8 in the country.

Those upgrading to Windows 8 are also seeing benefits, with the OS seeing 55% less app crashes and is found to be 84% less frustrating by users.

In terms of device installs,  5% of Windows 8 devices are tablets, up from 2% for Windows 7, 51% desktops and the rest laptops.

Early sales are evenly spread between OEM brands, with HP leading the way:

  1. 16.83% – HP
  2. 14.65% – Dell
  3. 10.71% – Gigabyte
  4. 10.32% – Asus
  5. 8.72% – Acer

Does the news that Windows 8 will increase the stability of your PC and its software encourage our readers to upgrade? Let us know below.