Windows 8.1 Upgrade Q&A Preview (Screenshots)

MyDigitalForum member FaiKee has posted a preview of the Q&A for Windows 8.1 that is set to go live June 26th, during the BUILD conference in San Francisco.  Microsoft will be providing ISOs of the Windows 8.1 Build as well as a free upgrade through the Windows Store. Please click on the images below to enlarge them, use can click or use the arrow keys to cycle through them.

Notification to update to Windows 8.1 (Note: This notification provides access to the Windows 8.1 Preview page in the Store, even if you are not signed-in with a Microsoft Account):


The update via Store consists of the following steps:

  • You start by installing an update package from the Windows 8.1 Preview Download page.
  • When you restart after installing the update above, a system notification offers Windows 8.1 Preview. You can also open the Store app to access the Windows 8.1 Preview description page.
  • Click Download on the Windows 8.1 Preview page to begin the update. Progress is shown similar to what you see for a Windows Store app. If you select the inprogress Windows 8.1 Preview install, the app bar gives you an option to Cancel the installation.
  • From here the installation works like a Windows 8 Electronic Software Distribution (ESD)installation, also called web setup. There is no interaction needed until after the restart.
    Note: Once you reach the Downloading step, you can troubleshoot issues as you would Windows 8 setup. Windows setup is running beneath this interface, and the file actions and logging match that for Windows 8. Additional troubleshooting notes are provided in VKB.
  • When the first part of the update is complete, you will see a system notification to restart the PC. This includes a timer to restart automatically.
  • After the restart, typical Windows setup progress screens are shown.
  • Next you will see a license agreement to accept.
  • When complete you will be able to sign in Windows.
  • Next are the steps of the Out of Box Experience (OOBE). This follows the same Express/Customize workflow as Windows 8 setup.
  • OOBE Changes There a few changes to be aware of in OOBE:
    • Option to update my apps automatically: This can be set to No to disable the new automatic app updates provided for Windows Store apps. It can also be set later in Store Settings, App updates.
    • A twostep user verification is now shown to all users, even if you do not have this enabled for your account in general.After you signin with your Microsoft Account, you can send a code to verify your identity. This is sent to another email address or a phone number that you previously added to the security settings for your Microsoft Account. You can skip this step.
    • There is a SkyDrive optin step you may see during OOBE. If you opt in, Windows saves your settings to SkyDrive for backup. Also, your default file save location and Camera roll location are set to SkyDrive.
    • If you are connected to the Internet during OOBE, there is no local account option provided. Only Microsoft Accounts can be used.
    • If you are signed in with a local account on Windows 8and update via Windows Store, you will be prompted to signin during OOBE, and then asked to add a Microsoft Account.
    • In a custom installation you will be prompted to signin with or create a Microsoft Account.

    Note: If a customer is blocked at the Microsoft Account step you can go back one step in OOBE and disconnect the network connection. OOBE provides an option to proceed with a local account when the PC is disconnected.

Information on dual booting and ISOs on Windows 8.1:


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