Windows 7 now once again dominates Steam hardware survey


4, 2017

Gaming network Steam has released their hardware survey numbers for the month ending November 2017 and like last month it shows the network is dominated by Windows 7 machines, now  71.3% of all the machines.

The numbers show a further drop in the usage of Windows 10 amongst gamers, down more than 5% compared to last month.

As the graph above shows, there is not much evidence that the trend will be stopping anytime soon.

Windows 7 64bit32.2632.0532.9135.0141.0163.669.89
Windows 1049.0550.3349.5950.0345.3728.2323.94

Current theories for the paradoxical rise of the 8-year-old operating system is the popularity of PUBG in China, with Simplified Chinese now 64.35 percent of the Steam market, vs 17.02 percent using English.

While the numbers now come across as increasingly invalid, they do of course reflect the real world, where a massive percentage of the world’s population resides in China, a market underserved by Western companies, and it does suggest that if Microsoft wanted to reach their 1 billion PC Windows 10 goal of old, they would simply need to find a way to properly penetrating the increasingly well-off Chinese market.

The full dataset can be seen here.


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