Windows 7 And Windows XP Gains Market Share In June While Windows 8 Saw A Slight Decline

Windows Market Share June

New numbers from Net Applications for the month of June show growing OS market for Windows 7 and Windows XP while Windows 8 saw a slight decline.

Windows 7 continues to dominate at the top with the OS now over 50% marketshare (50.55 percent in June), up from 50.06 percent in May. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined is now at 12.54% down from 12.64% last month. Windows XP saw a slight increase to 25.31% down from 25.27% last month.

Mac OSX 10.9 currently holds a 3.95% share, while Linux holds a 1.74% share. Windows Vista holds a market share at 2.95%.

Windows 8/Windows 8.1 is not getting the right momentum which Windows 7 enjoyed during its launch. As it was rumored recently, Microsoft releasing Windows 9 for free to Windows 7 users should be a great move to move hundreds of millions of users to the latest OS.

Source: Net Applications