There are a lot of issues that persist with Windows 10 even today, Windows updates being one of those. While Microsoft failed to address those update issues in Windows 10, the software giant has made an attempt to make the Windows updates intelligent in Windows 11. At the June 24 event, Microsoft’s Panos Panay announced that updates in Windows 11 would be 40% smaller and that it would download and install in the background.

Besides the aforementioned changes, Microsoft has done more to improve the update experience. In order to give users a sense of how long it’ll take to complete the update, the newest version of the OS will give users a time estimation of updates. It’s not accurate, but the updates will be installed within the estimated time. While this isn’t a groundbreaking feature, it’d make Windows updates more intelligent.

Windows 11 update
Image: ghacks

Windows 11 won’t be the only OS to have the feature as macOS and iOS have the feature for years. And it’s nice to see Microsoft finally adding the feature to its desktop OS.

The Windows update installation process will also be faster in the new Windows OS. In other words, you’ll spend a lot less time installing updates on Windows 11 than on its predecessor. That being said, it’ll be interesting to see whether the installation process will still be fast when millions of people will install updates in Windows 11.

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via ghacks