Windows 11 Photos app Fluent Design remake looks great


25, 2021

Microsoft is in the process of making all its Windows 10 stock apps compatible with Windows 11 design. Yesterday’s announcement gave us a glimpse of the new design in some of Microsoft’s app. And one of the Microsoft apps that are getting a design revamp in Windows 11 is Microsoft Photos.

The built-in Photos app in Windows 11 looks a lot more elegant, thanks to new design elements like rounded corners, Fluent Design, WinUI controls. The in-built Photos app will also get a floating menu where you’ll see a plethora of editing controls, including the ability to zoom in or out, rotate, delete, and more.

Windows 11 photos

As can be seen in the above screenshot, at the bottom of the Photos app, there is a new slider to help you navigate between different photos in an album or a folder. So, the new Photos app is designed to not only look elegant but also to help users quickly navigate between photos. We’re hoping to get more insights into the new Photos app next week, which is when Microsoft will release the first Dev build of Windows 11.

Apart from the Photos app, other first-party apps, including File Explorer, Settings, Paint, Notepad, are getting a design revamp too. However, it’ll be interesting to see whether these changes are available in the very first build of Windows 11.

via Windows Latest

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