Windows 11 having issues connecting to Brother printers


12, 2021

Brother is reporting a new issue Windows 11 users are having connecting with their Brother printers.

The issue is only affecting USB wired connections and users may notice the following issues:

Detecting your Brother machine when it is connected to your computer using a USB cable.
Changing your Brother machine’s settings.
Connecting more than one Brother machine via USB.

Microsoft of course had to make a number of changes to the Windows print subsystem to address the PrintNightmare issue, and the new problems may be related to this.

The issue affects both Brother’s inkjet and laser printers,  and Brother notes that a number of their apps may also be affected.

Brother suggests customers use “a different connection type, such as wired or wireless, if available.”

If you are having new print issues after upgrading, check out Brother’s advisories here and here.

via Neowin

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