Windows 11 brings in new gaming features


24, 2021

Microsoft has dubbed Windows 11 as “the best Windows ever for gaming” and with auto HDR and “Direct Storage” they might just be right. 

Throughout today’s Windows 11 event, we were told about the plethora of features that the latest iteration of Windows will be bringing in which should make this “the best Windows ever for gaming.”

It won’t just be general marginal improvements to how quickly things boot and how much power Windows takes up running in the background thankfully, as Windows 11 is bringing in some killer features for gaming such as Direct Storage. 

Based on technology that was “pioneered as part of the Xbox Velocity Architecture,” which powers the Xbox Series X and S consoles, Windows 11’s DirectStorage technology will allow for games to load assets without bogging down the CPU.

In real-world terms, this means that games should render slightly faster, with reduced load times and hopefully less pop-in for some games. It will still depend on what hardware your PC is running, but hopefully, it’ll be able to help all systems at least a little. 

To go along with the advanced rendering, Windows 11 is also bringing in Auto HDR, which should make games look better than ever. This feature will automatically add High Dynamic Range enhancements to games made for DirectX 11 or higher, that previously lacked this feature. 

These HDR enhancements will allow a supported game to render a wider range of brightness values and colors, which should give an “extra sense of richness and depth to the image,” according to the Xbox Wire post

With features to make games load faster and load better, it’s a good thing that we have a lot to look forward to playing. With the Xbox App being built into Windows 11, access to Game Pass is easier than ever, and with new games being released each month, the lineup is nothing short of phenomenal throughout 2021 and 2022

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