A year ago Microsoft’s operating system strategy was quite clear  – a base operating system, Windows Core OS, with a number of different shells for different form factors.

Fast forward a year, and most of the shells have been dropped, and the main winner appears to be Windows 10 X, which was introduced to us a dual-screen operating system for the Surface Neo, but with Microsoft also confirming the OS will show up in normal laptops.

Now it appears the OS will travel even further, into the devices world.

A LinkedIn job post for a Software Engineer notes:

You will build the next generation IoT operating system based on Windows 10X.

It may not be clear what a smart camera or sensor needs with Windows 10X, but Internet of Things also includes appliances with user interfaces such as kiosks, smart signs and even petrol pumps.

The job post does not reveal a time scale, but I suspect it will be some years before devices powered by the new OS hits the market.

Via WindowsLatest