Windows 10’s user base in Steam falls once again

Last month, Windows 10’s user base in Steam fell by 0.68%. Today, Steam has published its hardware survey report for the month of February, and things aren’t looking particularly good for Windows 10. According to the latest report from Steam, Windows 10’s user base declined by 0.9% — dropping down to 48.77%.

What’s interesting to see is that Steam’s hardware survey reports that Windows 7’s user base actually increased last month. According to the report, Windows 7’s user base rose by 1.7%, now powering 36.81% of Steam users.

Windows, as a whole, saw a rise of 0.17% in the user base while other operating systems such as macOS declined by 0.14% and Linux declined by a mere 0.05%.

The latest report from Steam is actually quite interesting to see, as more gamers seem to be leaving Windows 10 for Windows 7. Even though Windows 10 packs a lot of new gaming features compared to Windows 7, some gamers still prefer Windows 7 from the looks of things. Microsoft might be able to change that with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update which is going to bring major new features such as the new Game Mode that aims to improve performance for games. Microsoft is also integrating Beam live streaming into the OS, allowing users to stream any games from their PC to Beam without needing download any extra software.

As usual, you can find the full Steam hardware survey here.

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