Windows 10’s Steam user base dips slightly as gamers move to Windows 7

Windows 10’s general user base saw a slight increase last month with its market share increased slightly over the last month. But when it comes to gaming, the picture is slightly different.

According to the latest data from Steam’s Hardware & Software Survey, a small amount of Steam users have moved away from Windows 10. The shift resulted in Windows 7’s Steam user base growing slightly by 0.85% and there also was a 0.01% increase for…Windows XP.

As for Windows 10, the 64-bit version of the OS experienced a 0.74% decline — taking its overall market share down to 33.81%. Windows as a whole also saw a decline in market share of only 0.12%, but both macOS and Linux expanded by 0.11% and 0.02%, respectively.

It isn’t clear as to what may have resulted in some of the gamers running Windows 10 moving to Windows 7, but I’d guess it was probably caused by an incompatible driver or update.