Windows 10’s latest Insider Build adds better High DPI support for classic Desktop apps

While Microsoft’s Windows 10 Apps and other apps built on the new modern Windows APIs feature excellent support for  High DPI screens like those on the Surface, there is a wealth of classic Windows apps and utilities that don’t support these yet.

Microsoft earlier this year announced they would start work on  ensuring more and more apps can take advantage of Windows 10’s DPI support and the new Windows 10 Insider builds finally show the first signs of this.

In the updated notes for the last Fast Build update, Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar adds that Microsoft has now improved support for high DPI screens when users are using those classic programs.

The post reads:

improved high DPI support for desktop apps: Your feedback is important to us, and a few months ago, we shared a discussion about the progress we’d made to high DPI scaling in the Anniversary Update. With the release of Build 14986 to Windows Insiders, we’re very excited to share the next part in that story. Windows Insiders with high DPI devices, such as the Surface Book, will now see improved crispness in the text of a number of desktop applications that previously would display blurry – in particular Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap ins like Device Manager.

Now, while I don’t normally use many apps which scale poorly, I did notice the improvements in the way the Windows apps like Device manager etc displayed after installing the latest update on my Surface.

While Microsoft views Windows 10’s Universal Apps as their future, they still understand the importance of supporting older apps and new apps built on those old technologies.

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