Windows 10’s Fluent Design system may be coming to the Chromium Edge


18, 2020

In a fresh attempt to woo internet users, Microsoft has built a new Edge browser which, unlike the previous Edge, is based on Chromium, the code of which is used by Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Vivaldi, and, of course, now the new Microsoft Edge.  The Chromium-based Edge went live for the general public running macOS and Windows a few days ago. The new Edge browser offers pretty much all the features that you’d expect from a modern web browser, but that’s not all — Microsoft appears to have a lot of interesting new features planned for its new browser.

One of the features that Microsoft might add to the new Edge browser is the Fluent Design system of Windows 10. The company recently revealed that it’s looking for feedback from users on Fluent Design(via Windowslatest).

“We have been working closely with our designers to get a look and feel that aligns with our Fluent Design language and meets our standards for usability and accessibility,” Microsoft’s Edge team said.

Aside from the Fluent Design system, there are other important features that the Edge team is keen on adding to the new browser and that includes new animation, Reveal effect, and more. Below is the list of features that the company might add to the new Edge browser.

  • Themes for Microsoft Edge’s main interface—tab management, address bar, and menu.
  • Microsoft may reconsider the tabs and browser buttons that have been rounded too much.
  • Fluent touch: Transparency and other material effects.
  • Reveal effect: Adds Fluent Design’s Reveal focus that would animate the border of a tab or button.
  • Smaller tab band and address bar/toolbar on desktops or devices lacking touch support.
  • New animations.

Unfortunately, we don’t know as to when these features are going to be available in the new Edge browser. I expect Microsoft to bring a few of the aforementioned features by the end of 2020.

How many of you are using the Chromium-based Edge as your default browser? Is it as good as Google Chrome? What are the improvements you want to see in the new Edge? Let us know in the comments below.

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