Windows 10 zooms pass Chrome, Linux and Vista, currently 5th largest desktop OS


On Thursday Microsoft said they already have 14 million installs of Windows 10 after they released the OS to Insiders a day earlier.

It seems that number, large as it is, is itself a poor reflection of the enthusiasm of the Windows community for the new OS.

Statcounter, who measures web usage and by proxy the installed base of operating systems, gives us a much finer look at what’s going on, and suggests nearly 2.5% of the 1.5 billion desktop users are already on Windows 10, starting at 0.58% on Thursday, and looking at the rate of increase it seems Microsoft’s goal of a billion installs in 3 years will be achieved well before that deadline.


It is slightly early to analyse trends, but the numbers (ignoring the 1st, which was a weekend) suggest early upgraders were running windows 7 and windows 8.1, while those on XP, Vista and Windows 8 remaining unmoved, much as they were when Microsoft released other operating system updates.

Microsoft hopes a large installed base of Windows 10 will help stimulate its Windows Store, which would then help Windows 10 Mobile be more competitive with other mobile operating systems.

Hopefully a rapid uptake of the OS will encourage developers to invest in the Universal Windows Apps platform, which is good news for all our readers.

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