In an effort to make Windows more flexible, Microsoft will be launching a new version of Windows dubbed Windows 10 X. The new operating system will power Microsoft’s upcoming dual-screen foldable device, Surface Neo. It’s expected that Microsoft will talk extensively about the OS at the launch of the Surface Neo device, but before that, there is a good chance the company will directly or indirectly provide a handful of information about some of its features.

And the good news is a few pieces of information, which are closely related to Windows 10 X, have already surfaced online. The latest information that we have about Windows 10 X is a new feature called ‘Voice control’. And in Hyderabad, India, the software giant is hiring senior software engineers with very strong C++ knowledge for the purpose of developing the feature.

“Since this is a new application the number of coding challenges are numerous: leveraging cognitive services for voice commanding and control, identifying interesting elements within an application context as well as interacting with the entire desktop, interacting in new ways with the 10X OS while maintaining the security and integrity,” Microsoft noted.

While we don’t have a broader understanding of what the ‘voice control’ feature is all about, the voice control implementation might be aimed at improving the Cortana experience on the Windows 10 X operating system. Of course, it’s just a guess for now.

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 X goes well beyond dual-screen foldable devices. The company recently confirmed that OEMs will also be able to ship traditional laptops with the 10 X operating system if they want. What is even more interesting is the fact that Microsoft is developing Windows 10 X to be in charge of next-generation IoT devices, which means you might see Windows 10 X powering appliances with user interfaces such as kiosks, smart signs and even petrol pumps in the future.

via WindowsLatest