Windows 10 will soon allow third-party alarm apps to break-through Quiet Hours


A very neat feature on Windows 10 is Quiet Hours, which allows users to stop notifications from apps during a certain period of the day/night. Quiet Hours can also be quite useful when you are doing a presentation and don’t want to get distracted by an unexpected notification. Quiet Hours is very useful for a lot of reasons, but it prevents some third-party alarm apps from breaking through the Quiet Hours rules. For instance, if you have Quiet Hours and an alarm setup on a third-party alarm app, the alarm won’t ring. Thankfully though, that’s changing soon on Windows 10.

In a statement today, a Microsoft employment stated that Windows 10 will soon allow third-party alarms to break-through Quiet Hours with the upcoming Insider Preview build:

We just enabled this in the next Insider fast-ring flight of the Creators Update! All third-party alarm apps will break through quiet hours now, just like the first-party alarm app! (Build 14972 or newer).

As the statement mentions, the feature will be available with build 14972 or newer which will possibly get released later this week. It is worth noting that developers of the third-party alarm apps may have to integrate this upcoming feature into their apps, which means users may have to wait longer to be able to use this feature.

In case you are wondering, this feature and a lot of other features will be coming to everyone in Windows 10 with the Creators Update, which is expected to arrive in March 2017.

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