Windows 10: What’s in a name

“A rose by any other name” is a quote which is found in Shakespeare’s story. I quite like it. Its especially poignant with the launch of Windows 10 and people crowing that Windows phone is dead. To some, Windows 10 everyone is a genius branding idea. After all, we avoid Microsoft’s historically awkward names like Windows 10 for Mobile Professional 2015 edition and Windows 10 with Spartan and Cortana special Xbox edition. But that overlooks a key point. The point of names. When your parents had you, I’m assuming they gave you a name. Or at least a label and barcode like mime. Why? So they can quickly identify you in conversation and make it clear who they are referring to. Even twins get different names. Now on to the point, Windows 10 looks to me like a branding disaster waiting to happen.
A “I have Windows 10, but mine is broken”
B ” I have it too. What’s wrong?”
A “Well, when I try to message someone using Whatsapp, it crashes”
B “Windows 10 doesn’t have Whatsapp”
A ” It does”
B ” it doesn’t. You have to use the kinect sensor -”
A” What are you taking about”
B “You know, the kinect?”
A” Wait I need that for my phone?”
B “Phone? I thought you were talking about the Xbox”
Without branding differences, tech support may turn into a bizarre game of “who’s on first” as uninformed customers are confused when their Windows 10 device isn’t like their other Windows 10 device.
Windows Phone 10 could (and was planned as a name if MS’s screenshots are to be believed) work as a name to differentiate the three SKUs, or perhaps Windows 10 Mobile.
But for the sake of argument say that the two products can be branded the same because of their and differentiation isn’t needed. How about a 7.9 inch Windows tablet which runs Windows and an 8 inch one which also runs Windows. They’ll be exactly the same. Except when they aren’t because they run entirely different software with entirely different UIs.What about Office? We have several versions of Office which are differentiated by form factor and functionality. Perhaps Microsoft should just call them all Office. Office 2016, Office Online, Office Touch, Office 365. Why not just Office? Heck why not just Microsoft since names are so unimportant. Here’s your Microsoft Microsoft running Microsoft’s Microsoft software. That way we can all avoid unwieldy brand names.
The point of this is, there is a middle ground between Windows 10 PC Professional edition for businesses with over 200 employees 2016 with Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10 for everything.
Microsoft’s job? Find that middle ground.
Make it clear that these products are under the veneer extremely similar, but not identical.635579918586864582

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