Windows 10 Version 2004, which is also known as Windows 10 May 2020 Update, was supposed to be rolled out on May 12, but a zero-day exploit in the OS made the software giant push the release date to May 28, which is tomorrow— the date now seems to be the final one as Microsoft has just published the release information page and resolved issues page for Windows 10 Version 2004.

While the release information page doesn’t confirm any release date, usually, the information page of a major Windows 10 updates goes live a couple of days prior to their roll-out date. And we’re expecting similar to things to happen this time too.

Image: Neowin

It’s not the first time that Microsoft confirmed the roll-out date. It accidentally confirmed the date in an update to their Shiproom Schedule. And now, with release information page and resolved issues page for May 2020 Update going live, it’s all the more evident that the new Windows 10 update will start surfacing from tomorrow, as per the plan.

The release information page of Windows Version 2004 contains no known issues. The resolved issues page is empty too. However, that doesn’t mean that Windows May 2020 Update won’t have any known issues — it’s possible that Microsoft hasn’t provided the details just yet. And even if the company claims that the May 2004 Update has no known issues, it doesn’t mean the May 2020 Update won’t give you trouble.

via WincentralNeowin