Windows 10 UWP apps are coming to the Xbox One later this summer


Back in February, Microsoft’s CEO announced that the company will be allowing Xbox One owners to run the Windows 10 Universal Windows Apps soon. Today, at the Game Developers Conference, Microsoft’s Jason Ronald stated that the company will be releasing UWP apps for the Xbox One later this year. Additionally, he also announced that the company will be merging Xbox Store and Windows Store later this year on the Xbox One.

Ronald stated:

“First off, the Xbox One is going to get the ability to run those Windows 10 UWP apps later this summer, with the Xbox Store and the Windows Store getting merged into one. Furthermore, UWP apps are gradually going to open up over the course of this year to run the more advanced graphics settings that PC gamers demand.”

As we previously stated, the Windows Store could also play a major part on the “lightweight Xbox One” which will essentially allow users to view content from the Windows Store. The lightweight Xbox One will be similar to the Apple TV, and allow users to play games and watch movies from the Windows Store.

We’ll let you know when the UWP apps are available on the Xbox One. Until then, tell us if you are excited to try out the UWAs on your Xbox One in the comment section below.

Image via TechRadar

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