Windows 10 users often run into problems while installing an update, but Microsoft seems to be working hard to fix these installation issues. Last year, the company said that it’d club servicing stack updates and the latest cumulative update into a ‘single package design,’ with the purpose of streamlining the whole update process and reducing Windows 10 installation issues.

The company has finally delivered on its promise by releasing the Windows 10 February 2021 patch. Microsoft has confirmed that the SSU (service stack update) is now combined with the monthly cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1809 or newer(via WindowsLatest). Interestingly, Microsoft didn’t mention this change in the February 2021 update changelog, instead, it talked about the change in many of its support documents.

In order to see the change, Windows 10 users must have a supported version of the OS installed on their PCs, which in this case is the Version 1809 or the October 2018 update and newer.

Once you install the latest Windows February 2021 patch, you’re all set! The next Cumulative update that you’ll receive next month will include the service stack update.

For those unaware, the servicing stack updates mostly include reliability improvements for the update process and are released every month, and since these updates can be skipped, many users just don’t feel the need to install SSUs. Doing so could create problems while a cumulative update, and this is why Microsoft is clubbing these two updates. It’ll no longer be possible to skip the SSUs.

What do our readers think about the change? If you’re a Windows 10 user., do you think what Microsoft did is enough, or is it that the company needs to do more to improve the Windows 10 update process? Let us know down in the comments.