Windows 10 Universal Apps are reportedly coming ‘very soon’ to Xbox One


With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the new Universal Windows Platform which allows developers to bring their Windows 10 apps to various types and sizes of devices running Windows 10. For example, if you make a Univeral Windows App for Mobile, you can easily bring it to the big screen on a PC running Windows 10 (and vice-versa). Now, Microsoft has been planning to bring the Universal Windows Apps to the Xbox One for a little while now, and it could be coming soon.

According to the folks at Microsoft Insider, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that the Windows Store apps will be coming to the Xbox One “very soon” at the Madrid dotNet Conference in Spain. With the Windows Store, Xbox One will get a lot of nice UWAs (Universal Windows Apps) such as Aeries, Tweetium, Readit, Newsflow, (and MSPoweruser’s upcoming UWA) etc.

Additionally, the Windows Store could also play a major part on the “lightweight Xbox One” which will essentially allow users to view content from the Windows Store. The lightweight Xbox One will be similar to the Apple TV, and allow users to play games and watch movies from the Windows Store.

As per usual, we will let you know when the Windows Store makes it to the Xbox One. Until then, discuss if you are excited to use your favourite UWAs on your Xbox One in the comment section below.

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