Windows 10 Store gets updated with a few improvements


Microsoft today released a new update for the Windows 10 Store. The latest update for the Store doesn’t seem to bring a lot of improvements, but it includes some interesting changes. First up, the Downloads section has been renamed to “Downloads and updates” – which applies to both the PC, and Mobile.

Alongside the above change, Microsoft has also moved the “Check for updates” button from the top to the bottom on the Downloads and updates section:


Microsoft has also changed the taskbar icon  for the Store app. The Windows icon on the Store is no longer transparent, and it matches your accent color. Here’s an image comparing the old and the new taskbar icon for the Store:


We’ve stretched the above picture to make it easier for you to see the changes, but you can see the actual size here

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has removed the “Only update the tile when I’m on Wi-Fi for PCs” feature, however, it seems to be available for the Mobile — which makes sense.

That’s pretty much all the new things on the latest update. For those wondering, the latest version of the Store app is 2015.8.25.1. If you want to get the latest update, you’ll have to go to the Downloads section of the Store, and check for updates. And then, the Store will update itself (yep, Store updates Store).

What do you think of the new changes? Discuss in the comment section below.