Windows 10 Store bug lets you re-installed unpublished apps


Through our long usage of Windows Phones we all have apps we love which were suddenly removed from the store.

In my case an example would be the Vevo music app, which was a very slick official music video app which was “permanently retired” in March this year.

Today we can report the good news that Windows 10 Mobile will once again give you access to those apps, as long as you have installed them previously.

To download the apps, open the Store app, select My Library from the hamburger menu, select Show All, wait a minute or two for the long list to load, scroll down to your long lost app and click on the arrow to download and install.

I can happily confirm the Vevo app is still working perfectly fine.

The “issue” is likely due to a Store bug, so we suggest Insiders take advantage of this loophole to recover those lost apps as quickly as possible, before Microsoft closes it.