Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will field your notifications while gaming

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is expected to release soon, reportedly on April 10, and it will bring some noticeable improvements for gamers. One such improvement highlighted by Reddit user microchip_tea in a thread on r/Windows10 is that notifications will become significantly less annoying.

From the screenshot, it appears that Cortana will automatically field your notifications in Action Center for you while you are playing a game.

Other Reddit users have questioned the parameters of this feature, but it seemingly works for a good number of games. “It has detected all the games I’ve played,” said Reddit user Maxdec94. “That includes at least CS:GO, Rust, PUBG, Fortnite and Ironsight. Though it says ‘DirectX games’ in the settings, so I don’t know how it works with OpenGL etc. I just tested and at least in CS:GO, it works even with borderless.”

He went on to add that is also worked for Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, which released around fourteen years ago.

If you still want to keep notifications on while gaming or just receive priority notifications, you’ll still have the option to do so.