In an effort to phase out Control Panel, Microsoft has been adding the most important Control Panel Settings to the Windows 10 Settings app since the day the OS debuted. And as we all know, the process of replacing the Control Panel with the Settings app is far from complete. Nevertheless, the good news is that Microsoft is actively working on it. As first spotted by Albacore, two new changes are coming to the Settings app: User cleanup recommendations, and a toggle for Show Task View button.

Microsoft is working towards adding a new setting called User cleanup recommendations to the Storage Sense settings. According to a screenshot posted by Albacore, the setting will tell you which files you need to clean. Unnecessary files that are synced to the cloud can also be cleaned.

Image: Albacore

Microsoft is making another noteworthy change to the Windows 10 Settings app. The Taskbar Settings page will soon get a toggle for the Task View button, which is currently available in the Windows 10 Taskbar context menu. This also means you won’t be able to easily enable the Task View button by right-clicking on the Taskbar as the option will soon move into the Settings app.

Image: Albacore

These new changes are currently under the developmental phase, as per Albacore. Worse, we don’t know when we’ll get to see these changes in the Settings app. Nevertheless, we’re willing to bet that Microsoft will bring these new settings in one of its upcoming Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds.

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