Highlights of KB4517389 October 8, 2019 updates for Windows 10 include improved security when using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, updates for verifying user names and passwords and updates for storing and managing files.

Unfortunately, the update proved to be problematic for the Australian Border Force.

After installing the update, the ABF announced that they are unable to connect to the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) when using their only supported browser- Internet Explorer.

The announcement on the Australian Border Force website is as follows:

 8 October 2019, Microsoft released a Windows 10 security update, which caused worldwide issues for some users, including interoperability problems between some versions of Windows 10 systems and the Integrated Cargo System (ICS). The issue affects clients when attempting to login to the ICS portal using Internet Explorer.

Our technical teams are working with Microsoft at the highest priority to understand and resolve the root cause of the issue and to develop an appropriate solution. A change in behaviour of the protocol establishing the security of the connection with ICS is causing authentication failures.

We are aware that some users have removed the update to successfully restore connectivity. We recommend any decision to remove the security update is informed by an appropriate risk assessment and analysis.

Additional security controls to limit any risk associated with the removal of the patch such as the use of standalone machines should be considered.

Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated as we work to identify an acceptable long term solution to this problem. An update will be provided as soon as relevant information is available.

Microsoft hasn’t announced any known issues with Internet Explorer from the update; but then again, use of Internet Explorer is a rarity these days.

Source: Softpedia