Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17115 with Machine Learning APIs now available for download

Microsoft today released Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17115 to developers. This SDK can be used with Windows 10 Insider Build 17115 or later. And this release includes Windows Machine Learning APIs, Gaze Input API improvements, bug fixes and under development changes to the API surface area. This Windows SDK build will be supported only by Visual Studio 2017 and greater.

As you might have noticed in the recent SDK preview releases, this release also includes the C++/WinRT headers and cppwinrt compiler (cppwinrt.exe). This compiler comes in handy if you need to consume a third-party WinRT component or if you need to author your own WinRT components with C++/WinRT.

The updated Preview SDK can be downloaded here. You can find the list of new API additions here.

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