Windows 10 S now officially supported by the Windows Insider program

Microsoft today announced the official support for Windows 10 S on the Windows Insider program. Devices running Windows 10 S can now enroll into the Windows Insider program and get Windows Insider program builds. Just like the regular Windows 10 builds, the Windows Insider program will let you try out the new features in Windows 10 S before the public. Most of these builds obviously aren’t perfect to be used on your primary device, so it would probably be a good idea to setup a virtual machine where you can try out the Windows 10 S Insider builds.

Windows 10 S users actually have been able to get builds from the Windows Insider program before, but this is the first time Microsoft is “officially” announcing support for the OS. Windows 10 users can try out the Insider builds on their existing Windows 10 S device, or install Windows 10 S on Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise using the Windows 10 S Installer before enrolling into the Insider program.

Image via Terro Alhonen.