Windows 10 Redstone to reportedly bring filters and a new Card UI for the Action Centre


Microsoft is expected to introduce a bunch of improvements to Windows 10 with the Redstone release. The company is going to introduce Extensions for Edge, improvements to Cortana, File Explorer and improvements to some other aspects of the operating system with Redstone. Now, a new report claims that Microsoft will be improving  the Action Centre with new features and user interface improvements. According to the report, Microsoft is adding the ability to filter notifications in the Action Centre. For example, you will be able to filter your notifications by Social apps or based on insights.

In addition to this, Microsoft is also planning to introduce a new Card UI for the Action Centre. The new Card UI will simply introduce more actions for notifications in the Action Centre, and offer an experience which looks identical to the Cortana UI. Of course, third-party apps will be able to update their apps to support the new actions and filters, too.

cardconcepts (1)

It is also worth noting that Microsoft is planning to bring some minor improvements for Cortana, too. Apparently, the company will improve the user interface to ensure it offers a similar experience as the new Action Centre. Similar to the Action Centre, Cortana will also allow third-party apps to update their apps to work with the new features.

Keep in mind that the info comes from some internal concepts, which means this many not even be available in the final release of Windows 10 Redstone, or even in the future. Additionally, you should also note that this isn’t the final UI, and it’s just a concept — so the UI will definitely look different when the new features are implemented and finalised for release.

Microsoft will possibly show off these new improvements at Build 2016, which is happening tomorrow. To ensure you are up-to-date with the latest news, make sure to bookmark our Build 2016 event page here.

Source: WinBeta

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